High Frequency PCB

Full range of RF PCB and Microwave PCB and High Frequency materials in stock

High Frequency PCB--RF PCB 

High frequency PCB also called HF PCB.The RF frequency range is typically from 500 MHz to 2 GHz, and designs above 100 MHz are considered RF. The microwave frequency range is anything above 2 GHz. There’s a considerable difference between RF and microwave circuits versus typical digital and analog circuits. In essence, RF signals are very high frequency analog signals. Therefore, unlike digital, at any point in time an RF signal can be at any voltage and current level between minimum and maximum limits. We have much experience in this filed,up to 60 GHz PCB we made.

  • Made of special Resin system material with Low ER and Low loss factor
  • Hybrid Build up mix of FR4 with Low loss material
  • Tight Impedance control
  • Used in Automotive, Radar, CAR to CAR communication, Distance Assistance, Active Drive Systems

We say high frequency ,also like RF PCB and microwave PCB as they are special material too,not usual FR4 .We have Taconic,Rogers,F4B,F4BM.PTFE material in stock.With this,we can do your special boards quick turn.Unlike other suppliers need long time to purchase material. 

Our RF/High frequency PCB Products

Rigid-flex PCB
Large PCB
Heavy Copper PCB
Metal Core