Storm Circuit Offers a full range of PCB manufacturing 

Layer count   Production:1~28layers / Prototypes:30 Layers
Thickness Production:394mil(10mm)/ Prototypes:15mm
Material FR-4,High TG FR4,Halogen free,Ceramic filler,PTFE(Teflon), F4B,FPC Polymide,mix stack, (Arlon,Rogers,Taconic,,Nelco,Isola,Alu board,Copper board)
Trace/space   3/3 mil (0.076/0.076mm)
Copper                weight        1-12oz
Hole Mechanical 6 mil (0.15mm) / Laser 3 mil (0.075mm)
Dimension 1230mm X 560mm (under 450*500 is preferred)
Finishing HASL ,HASL Lead Free, Immersion Gold, ENEPIG,Immersion Tin , OSP (Entek), HAL+Gold fingers,,Immersion Sivler
Special Burreid vias,blind vias,Countersunk holes,impedence control , burn-in board,HDI

Solder mask colour:

Green,Black,Yellow,White,Red,Blue,Purple,transparent,Matt Green,Matt Black

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Trace/Space to 3mil/3mil

min 0.38mm pitch BGA

HDI:20 layers

Prototypes:30 Layers

Rigid-flex PCB

Flexible PCB

Controlled impedance



Thickness 0.1-15mm

Copper weight:

1/3oz to 12oz

Rogers  4350B/4003C

Max size 

width 600mm

Length 1200mm

IPC Class 2/3

AOI +Fly probe /fixture testing

RoHS Qualified

0.1mm laser drilling 

Blind vias

Buried vias


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Turnkey assembly 

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As fast as in 24 hours

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