8 Layer Large PCB  

More than 1200mm

Large PCB  >400mm

Storm Circuit makes a lot of large PCB from 2 layer to 12 layers.Usually ,PCB dimension is about 100*200mm, or more .the length is over 400mm,we can call it big, large means length over 600mm. 
The longest board we made is 1200mm board ,it is LED projection ,T5 tube. 
12 layer PCB,we made was 564*502mm,  8 layer we made was 1072*488mm, this is very difficult to do as most of the equipments  can not stackup so big board.

488*1072mm,8 layer blind, TG170. min hole 0.2mm,Board thickness 3.2mm.

12 Layer high Tg


PCB,5.0mm,564*502mm,countersink holes,pressfit holes


+/-0.05mm,,used in test equipment

Our Large PCB

Rigid-flex PCB
Large PCB
Heavy Copper PCB
Metal Core