Soft Gold plating with 30 Micro inch PCB

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This is a very special PCB made by Storm Circuit. 

The board is FR4,TG170 material ,white solder mask and black silkscreen. 

The special is the gold. It is soft gold plating with 30U'',Board edge plating.

More pictures about this product,please click here. 

It is full gold on top and bottom side in the unit,edge plated. It used for gold wire bonding .Soft gold is commonly referred to as “wire bondable gold”. It is softer than other gold finishes which allows it to be bonded to more easily for stronger and more conductive connections. The gold does not disappear at the point of soldering or wire bond which produces a stronger welded joint.

Most Gold boards are normal ENIG with 1-3U''. Soft gold with 30U'' is very thick.


2022-08-08 16:05

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