2 layer Flexible PCB with 1.0mm stiffener

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2 layer Flexible PCB 
Quick turn in 3 days
FR4 1.0mm +PI stiffener
Gold fingers
trace/space 0.1/0.1mm

2 layer Flexible PCB   Quick turn 3 days  FR4 1.0mm +PI stiffener 0.3mm
Gold fingers  Impedance

Storm Circuit focus on top quality ,quick turn  HDI PCB and turnkey service without any MOQ .Our products include :1-30 layers PCB fabrication ,1-6 layers FPC manufacturing,2-10 layers rigid-flex board manufacturing,components procurement , ,stencil and cables which used in Telecommunication ,Industrial control, Power supply,Consumer Electronics lighting equipments,home appliances,Auto and medicine .our products are RoHS compliant. Whether your PCBs require soft gold, hard gold, immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion Tin, entek, hot-air leveling and lead-free HAL. We can also meet your high-standard requirements such as IPC standard III, 14-layer, blind via-hole and impedence control PCBs, as well as 10 oz  heavy copper PCBs,High frequency PCB,Rogers,Arlon materials. Our clients rely on us for many years. Storm Circuit offers quick-turn PCB prototypes in five days for Double-Sided PCB. Express orders will be shipped out in 3 days for 2 layer board, even 48 hours. 4-6 layer boards can be dispatched in 3 days. Urgent orders get special attention and quick delivery is guaranteed,. Small and medium sized orders are accepted. We have our own DHL&TNT account, unlike other competitors use agent or forwarder, we can dispatch goods on the current day . Under DHL`s support, 1 day to USA, 1 day to Asia (Singapore, Malaysia,TaiWan,Japan),2-3 days to Europe/Australia/Africa. So ,our express service is really express, it is possible for you to get correct prototypes within 2 day

Storm Circuit offers the best quick turn boards with very competitive price for prototypes to volume in 1-10 days.see our Quick Turn PCB.

Layers                   Standard L/T             Express  L/T           
1 Layer 4 working days 1-2 days
2 Layer 5 working days 1-2 days
4 layer 6 working days 2-3 days
6 Layer 6 working days 2-3 days
8 Layer 8 working days 3-4 days

HDI,1+N+1, Standard and quick turn lead time for prototypes. (<1 sq meter).
2+N+2 ,3+N+3. PCB gerber file is required to get correct cost and lead time.

HDI 1+N+1                 Quick Turn Lead time           Standard Lead time            
4 layer              5 working days      8 working days
6 layer 6 working days 9 working days
8 layer 7 working days 11 working days
10 layer 8 working days

12 working days


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